Wednesday, September 20, 2017

4 Years

"I cannot live without my life! I cannot live without my soul!"

Probably not the Wuthering Heights quote you'd expect. Usually Catherine's "whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same..." overshadows this darker one.

But Heathcliff's mad desperation at the loss of Catherine - his life and his soul - is just..... 

Tucker is my life and my soul.

It has been that way since the beginning. We are sealed for eternity, and eternity has no beginning nor end. Therefore, we've always been... "us."

Looking back, it's been over a decade of "Karli and Tucker." People knew we were a package deal, even before the romance. 

Now our package just has a couple extra add-ons! ;)

The past year has been a whirlwind, that's for sure. We added Eli to our family, Tucker landed his dream-job, we bought a house and moved, I auditioned for and was cast in a dream role - Belle, and of course, all of this has the normal craziness thrown in with some really hard trials as well.

But one of my favorite things about "Tucker and Karli" is that we face things together. Problems mean we communicate and find a solution. I love that we see it as "us vs. the problem" instead of "me vs. you." And we support each other's successes.

I was at a late rehearsal a few weeks ago while Tucker was home taking care of kids and bedtime, and this quote from President Gordon B. Hinckley came to mind:

The women in our lives are creatures endowed with particular qualities, divine qualities, which cause them to reach out in kindness and with love to those about them. We can encourage that outreach if we will give them opportunity to give expression to the talents and impulses that lie within them. In our old age my beloved companion said to me quietly one evening, “You have always given me wings to fly, and I have loved you for it.”

This is Tucker for me. He has been the most encouraging and supportive husband and father while I've taken on long rehearsals and what will be even longer performance nights.

He helps with cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms and does laundry. After we went out for dinner last night, I zonked out almost immediately while he stayed up helping a very weepy Annie settle down. When I'm craving Cowboy Fries from Filiberto's at 10pm, he reminds me I have spending money and sends me out the door (and doesn't judge me too much when I come home with McDonald's Dr. Pepper, too 😉 ) And when I'm whiny and tired and really want Zoyo, he goes and gets it himself.  A couple weeks ago, I asked him to pick up some bread and milk, and he came home with a dozen red roses! And for our anniversary, he surprised me with a night at the cabin with no kids! It was perfect, and I can't believe how lucky I am to be his wife.

He is quick to point out my strengths, and he encourages and loves me while I strive to overcome my weaknesses. He is constantly looking for feedback and working to improve himself, and I can't even tell you how proud I feel when I think of all that he has accomplished in these past 4 years.

I think that my most favorite thing about our marriage is that we help each other become better and reach our potential. We trust each other to call out our BS and ask for help and offer support and unconditional love. We know that we are better together, and we have so much fun in the process.

My favorite part of the day is in the evening after the kids are in bed when we get to sit and eat ice cream while watching a show or just talking or reading a book together or snuggling or swimming or laughing or whatever! It doesn't even matter. Because as long as we're Tucker and Karli, it's perfect.

our only picture from our weekend at the cabin

That's not to say that WE'RE perfect, though. We make mistakes. Sometimes there are hurt feelings and frustrations. But I feel so safe that WE are each other's priority. We're figuring it out. And we love each other more than anything else. For a couple years, we settled into a normal, comfortable, routine marriage. But it was a little stagnant. The past couple months, we changed that. We found the sparkle again, and it is so much better! I love being married to this man, and I can't wait to say that over and over again for the next 70+ years and into eternity.

Happy 4th Anniversary, my love.

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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

3 Years Old: Part 1

"And though she be but little, she is fierce!"

Spunky. Strong-willed. Determined. Vibrant. Dynamic. Artistic. Clever. Sympathetic. Observant. Helpful. Inquisitive. Impressive. Fearless. Talented. Playful. Imaginative. Sparkly. Spiritual. Fierce. Friendly. Creative. Sassy. Musical. Proud. Tender. Compassionate. Darling. Passionate. Awesome. Bold. Challenging. Engaging. Gifted. Stubborn. Skeptical. Articulate. Spiritual. Friendly.

Just a few of the words that describe my Annie-Girl.

From this....

To this.

I watch in awe as this tiny pixie finds her wings.
Fly, my darling.

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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Eli: Month 5

I think our love for him grows in direct proportion to the weight he gains. So much squish!!! Ha!

Weight: just under 20 lbs

His Daddy! It's adorable watching their relationship grow. When Tucker gets home from work, Eli only has eyes for him and will watch him intently, breaking into a huge, gooey grin as soon as their eyes meet.
Chewing and chomping on everything! His doctor checked his gums and said it shouldn't be too much longer before his teeth cut through.
Playing with his big sister (as long as she's not hurting him).
Eating all the things! - bananas, apples, peas, carrots, peaches, applesauce, sweet potatoes, squash, and bits of whatever he can get us to share with him.

Teething. It's made for a few hard nights, but I can't really complain because it's so minimal.
Tummy time. And he's also decided rolling is a waste of time, so he's back to just chilling on his back or in his ExerSaucer all the time.
Waking up. He still is the cutest little grump every time he wakes up! But it only takes a few minutes of the sweetest cuddles until he's back to his friendly self.

Well, he's got a new trick that's pretty funny. He'll blow a spitty clump of bubbles and then click his tongue in repetition, and it's pretty funny, and VERY drooly.
Swimming! The pool was finally an acceptable temperature for him to try it out. And as with basically everything else, it hardly even phased him, and he just sat and chilled the whole time.

Real laughter! Finally! Daddy's the best at getting him to laugh.
This month, we said goodbye to Uncle Jace who will be serving a mission in the Philippines for 2 years! Hard to imagine Small Boy will be a mobile and vocal little 2 year old the next time we see him!

Stay tuned for:
First road trip! We're headed to Utah and Idaho for a couple weeks, and I'm dreading it because he's not a fan of extended car rides.
Sitting up! He's actually getting really close and can balance for several seconds.
Chin wubble update: He's scheduled for an MRI on June 19th, for which he'll be fasting and fully sedated. A week later, we will meet with the plastic surgeon to schedule surgery.

I love you, Squishy Bug!
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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Eli: Month 4

This Chubb-o'-Tub is as dreamy as dreamy can be.
SO good-natured, quick to smile at anyone who stops to talk, and tolerant of all the thigh-squishing.
Weight: 17.2 lbs
Eating remains his favorite activity, in case you couldn't tell. And when there's no food to be had, his fingers will do quite nicely. He started playing in an exer-saucer this month and loves when Big Sister helps him push the buttons and grab the toys. He's also adopted an adorable quirk of loving his blankie around his face to fall asleep.

This boy has outgrown swaddling, which he communicated rather vehemently through lots of squirming and kicking and grunting and squawking until it would loosen. He's also not particularly fond of scary noises, like motorcycles revving and Big Sister Tiger growling at him.

We've got a roller! ...Kinda. He's still mostly content just laying, but he's much better at tummy time and will roll front to back pretty regularly. We clap and clap for him, and his shock at suddenly being on his back quickly spreads to a big, proud grin. He's also capable of back to front but rarely does it. Like I said, he's pretty content to stay put for the most part.
First Easter! He got a cuddly soft bunny (which he loves to snuggle) and a board book.
We also just started solids! Yes, I know it seems a little early, but this kid obviously loves his food. After a couple weeks of him watching us intently while we ate, we celebrated his 4 month birthday with some itty bitty teensy pinches of pancake. And the kid went to town! He was like Cookie Monster, grabbing my hand and pulling it to his mouth to slurp the minuscule pancake pieces off my fingertip. So in the next few days, we also tried banana and sweet potato. The kid has got it down! He hardly spits anything out and lives for his next edible encounter.

Stay tuned for:
Still waiting on this one. We still get some giggles and baby laughs, but he's still gets confused about laughing vs. crying, so right as he's about to laugh for real, it usually turns into a confused cry. We'll get there!
Surgery in the next few months.
We met with the pediatric plastic surgeon about his oozy chin bump. She says it's most likely a small pocket that formed while his facial tissues were forming. As long as it doesn't get infected before then, he'll go under anesthesia at 6 months for an MRI to determine how deep it goes,
and then he'll have surgery to remove it.
Also, 6-9 month clothes are coming up already!

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